About this project:
Construction year

After testing 1:10 scale models our client started to build a full-scale model of this floating wind turbine. The foundation is a floating semi-submersible construction and is anchored to one subsea swivelling point. The giant 10-Megawatt turbine will catch a lot of wind, however. The wind force needed to be compensated by a comprehensive ballasting system giving stability to this colossal construction.

Static ballast tanks in the columns of the semi-submersible construction provide the basic stability. The dynamic ballasting ensures the most efficient angle of the turbine to the wind. Adjustment is done by pumps that ballast and de-ballast these tanks. A monitoring system on board makes a full automatization from the shore possible.

Vuicon Engineering was contracted to design the pump room according to the class approved P&ID. Despite the large space that was reserved for the pump room, placing all equipment and pipe routing was quite a challenge. We were able to put everything in place and took our client on a tour through the Inventor 3D model. With great enthusiasm they saw the project they had worked on for years coming to (virtual) life. Pumps, valves, actuators strainers, cabinets, piping etcetera everything was thereā€¦.visible at last. The model was optimized and finished after implementing improvements. Over a hundred shop drawings were made for the production of all pipe spools.

The first wind turbine is expected to be launched in 2021 and some 200 turbines of this type will be produced in the years to come. Vuicon is proud to have a share in this remarkable renewable energy project. These are the projects that give us lots of positive energy!

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