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Rijksrederij / Maaskant Shipyards
Construction year

The Rijksrederij, a department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, operates a fleet of over 100 special vessels used by the Dutch government for patrol and inspection purposes such as the coast guard, customs, oil recovery etc. One of their vessels, ms Regulus, is used for fisheries inspection, particularly of mussels and oysters.

The ship was built over 20 years ago and needed a major renovation, which was executed at Shipyard Maaskant (Damen) in Stellendam in two phases. First Vuicon Engineering designed a temporary reinforcement of the existing fishing davit to cover the period between the first and second phase and making sure fishing was safe.

Then we made a study for two options; a complete renewal and a modification of the existing fishing davit in the second phase of the renovation.. The Rijksrederij plan of requirements demanded a cost wise, sustainable, safe design and an increase of the lifting height. After FE Analysis of the crane and the supporting structure both options were presented. The modification of the existing crane proved to be the best solution.

We designed a new pedestal and strengthened the supporting construction of the superstructure and the boom. A D-glide composite bushing was incorporated in the design to give the crane extreme low slewing friction. All components were prefabricated by us and delivered to the shipyard. The crane was successfully load tested after installation and can be used many more years thanks to the Vuicon design.

Fishing davit modification
Fishing davit modification