About this project:
Amatch Detachering & Vuicon Engineering
Construction year

Our company has been growing steadily over the last few years, which urged us to find a larger accommodation. We wanted enough space for 20 employees with the possibility to accommodate 15 more in the near future. Moreover, we needed a workshop, preferably with an overhead crane and we had all kind of requirements and wishes for our new offices

That is how the idea arose to build new premises in which we could realize all our bold ideas.

We found an architect who designed a building according to our wishes and were looking for a contractor. But in March 2020 Covid-19 threw a spanner in the works and everything changed overnight. We had to consider the possible financial consequenses, but this didn’t mean that we wanted to postpone our plans.

It is said that a crisis makes you creative and that is what it did. We decided to calculate, draw and develop the new building ourselves. After all we have the structural engineers and hands-on employees in-house. We hired a large workshop on a former shipyard, purchased all materials and started to build 90 prefabricated walls and the complete steel structure with our own hands.

Now an imposing building is rising in Capelle aan den IJssel overlooking the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam. We are very proud that we have dared to make our dreams come true in these uncertain times by thinking out of the box and by using the skills of our own staff. We cannot wait to move to our new premises at the end of this year.