About this project:
Amatch Detachering & Vuicon Engineering
Construction year

Our company has experienced significant growth in recent years, prompting us to search for a larger location in 2018. We wanted to have enough space for at least 20 employees, with the possibility of accommodating an additional 20 in the near future. Additionally, we needed a large workshop equipped with an overhead crane.

We decided to design, calculate and develop the new building ourselves, as we possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. We rented a large workshop at a former shipyard, purchased all the materials, and constructed 90 prefab walls and the entire steel structure with our own hands. We are very proud that we dared to make our dream come true, despite the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 at that time.

Since 2020, we have been located in the building in Capelle aan den IJssel. Today, Vuicon consists of a team of about 35 motivated employees. This magnificent building has all the necessary facilities, including a workshop with an overhead crane, sufficient workspaces, a spacious cafeteria, private parking, and a rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of the Rotterdam skyline.