About this project:
PCN / Reimerswaal Shipyard
Construction year

Our client PCN (Pijpleidingen en Constructies Nederland) was involved in a conversion project of turning a multi purpose ship into a cement tanker. Fifteen tanks had to be placed into the cargo hold of the ship. On top of the cargo hatch covers a machinery space was arranged to operate the cargo system.

PCN contracted Vuicon to set up a 3D model and produce all isometrics of the pipe spools. In close contact with the shipyard all vertical cylindrical tanks were put into the geometry of the cargo hold. Moreover, a walkway was implemented between all tank tops and cable trays were placed into the model. By arranging this 3D model and taking all structures into account we prevented clashes to occur later on.

Five systems were designed i.e. fill, discharge, air supply, venting and safety lines on each tank. All valves and fittings were incorporated in the pipe routing. It is worth mentioning that the innovative connection technology of Victaulic was chosen instead of conventional flanges. To prevent eroding of the steel pipes by cement powder there was a demand thick walled pipe (Sched.80) and for large radius bends (7D).  It was an extra challenge to get all systems in place. Furthermore we designed many shipside shore connections in the starboard coaming.

During installation on the shipyard we kept in close contact with both shipyard and piping company by giving input and following the process. It was an impressive sight to see all the lines in place. Drawing is one thing, but getting the real stuff into place is another. Respect for PCN’s job! Until this day we internally refer to this project as the spaghetti project.