About this project:
Construction year

One of our mottos is ‘One stop shop for engineering and manufacturing’. Our workshop completes our proposition. We handle projects from conceptual phase to the real thing. Constructions range from simple platforms to extensive machinery in a variety of materials and conservation methods.

An endless list of constructions and installations left our workshop the past years. Materials vary from steel and stainless steel to wood and technical plastics (HMPE, PTFE, GRE). The workshop is well equipped and fitted with a 10-ton overhead crane.

In some cases, our clients come up with their own designs; in others we ourselves engineered and designed it. Recently we manufactured sea fastening frames and beams, containers, stairs and platforms, rope reels, ACDP frames. We deliver high quality with a short delivery time against a fair price.

An example are the mooring rope reels build for several dredgers. The reels are easily operated by hand due to low friction bearings and grease nipples on moving parts. A stainless steel interlock system prevents the reels from unintended unrolling. The complete construction was made durable by hot dip galvanizing.

Recently we delivered an ADCP frame for underwater inspection with a so-called ADCP sensor. The installation can be placed on a ship very quickly due to the corner casting – dovetail twistlock connection. The integration of a hoisting winch makes the sensor pole retractable. The frame was coated with a marine protective coating containing zinc. The platform was provided with a GRE (glass reinforced epoxy) grating to last forever.