About this project:
Dutch Dredging
Construction year

Dutch Dredging mv “Galypso” was contracted on the other side of the Atlantic. She had to sail trans-Atlantic but the range was limited due to a shortage of bunker capacity. We had to find a way to increase the fuel capacity so the voyage of nearly 5000 nautical miles to the Gulf of Mexico could be made.

The solution was found in placing a 20ft tank container placed inside the hopper hold. The challenge was to assess the stability of this split barge, which actually has 2 floating hulls. A stability check was performed and report issued with our SARC PIAS software securing a safe Atlantic crossing taking free liquid surface into account because the container would get empty due to fuel consumption. After approving the solution and location of the container we calculated and drew a foundation frame. The container was fitted with dovetail twist lock connections and extra safety was arranged with pad eyes for the use of lashing straps.

Additionally, we performed a check on board and issued a report to meet the International Convention on Load Lines. The frame was designed detachable and the tank container could be put back in place if she ever sails back to her home base. The ship sailed across safely and is still under contract.