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Danny is one of the construction workers in the workshop. He has had a long career in construction and wasn’t ready for retirement, but de did want a new challenge.

“I actually never had a computer in my hands before; I always worked with my hands, so suddenly having to apply for jobs using a computer was quite difficult for me. I also thought my age would work against me. I was 60 at the time. I happened to come across the job vacancy at Vuicon, and I never expected to find something so wonderful. I spoke to Cornelis here, and despite it being a new role for me, I was given this chance. I’m really grateful for that.

Construction was hard work and chaotic. Now, much more precision is required, you can’t make mistakes. It has to fit perfectly. I find it beautiful, when it’s done, and it fits exactly to within a few hundredths of a millimeter. It’s hard work here too, and sometimes there’s a tight deadline, so we do stress a bit, but when we get it done, we do hug each other, like, ‘we made that happen.’ I’m actually very happy with the end result of every project. I also love that you never know what awaits you in the next project.

There’s hardly any distinction between higher-ups and lower-downs; we get along great. It feels unique, also because there are barely any age differences observed. In the workshop, there are many guys in their 30s and 20s, so I’m one of the oldest, but it doesn’t feel that way. You’re not just a number here, and we’re all there for each other. We always say, we’re a team, not every man for himself; that openness towards each other is very important. I really enjoy it here.

“If you work here, you’re in a good place, but you do have to put effort into it.”