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Niels is currently working as an engineer, but started out as an intern. During his graduation internship, he researched the possibilities of transporting various components for building wind turbines.

“I quickly felt at home here, both socially and professionally, and I was quickly drawn into the company. After six months, we discussed what I wanted, how I wanted to develop, and we came to an agreement.  That’s how I started here as a design engineer. After my internship, I spent two months working in the workshop to understand how things really work. I learned a lot from that, especially about what to consider when designing. How do they interpret my drawings, and how can I design things so that they are actually feasible?

We’re open to all kinds of requests, so every project is different, and you’re constantly adapting to the project. This means you not only learn to work on one aspect, but you actually learn everything. The first project I worked on here was a mobile booster station. That was a very long project. I did everything for it, in all areas: keeping the contact with the piping department, applying standardizations, the pumps, relocation matters, and the communication with the clients. In that project I was able to learn everything. I made some mistakes as well, but you learn from them too.

You also learn a lot from each other. The colleagues who have been here longer taught me a lot, but they also said, “trust in what you think is right”. I’ve been here for a while now, so you get to know your colleagues quite well, and that’s simply a lot of fun. We often play ping pong during breaks, in a small, often changing group, depending on who’s available. I sit a lot, so it’s nice to be able to hit a ball around for a bit.”