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Ronald & Donny

Donny worked for Vuicon on a freelance basis for quite some time. Things went so smoothly that he naturally transitioned into the role of workshop manager. He has been with Vuicon for so long that he even welded the beams of the current building. As a workshop manager, he regularly interacts with project engineers like Ronald. Ronald, since joining Vuicon as a draftsman, has progressed to a full-fledged project engineer and also manages the IT department part-time. Everyone works in the same building at Vuicon, which means communication lines are short, and projects can be well managed from start to finish. Donny says, “When we have to deliver both pieces, engineering and fabrication, it’s always a close collaboration.” “Yes, we can come up with such great ideas as engineers, but he has to be able to make it happen.” Ronald adds.

Donny: “We’re always close to the fire, close to the end product.” Sometimes Ronals also goes to the site to observe and participate in testing. Donny continues: “Yes, and then brainstorm together about what the problem could be and how we can find a suitable solution for it. Everything is customized, so each project is different. That’s very cool, especially because we often design it ourselves. Recently, we completed a very challenging project that had to meet the highest quality standards, and you can see that reflected in the work. Everything meets the specifications, the welding looks top-notch, that’s really satisfying. We’ve also had a few projects where we had to paint, and then Ronald will just come down to help. When the need arises, everyone is there for each other.” Ronald adds: “It’s really just one big group of friends here, you can talk to anyone, easily ask for help where needed. We’re just easy-going with each other, and when it needs to be serious, we can do that too. We’re a pretty young company, and it’s really nice that we have some older people now too, bringing more expertise with them.

Donny sees big differences between Vuicon and earlier employers: “At other companies, I was just a number, employees were looked down upon. Upstairs is upstairs, and downstairs is ignored. Here, everyone has a name, nobody has a rank. It’s very open, and that’s why it works so well, I think. I experience it from both sides, management and the workshop, the lines really are shorter, and everything that happens can be dealt with immediately.” Ronald adds to this: “We also have a suggestion box; it doesn’t contain big issues, but for example, we requested an air fryer. A week later, it was in the kitchen. I really like that too. Lots of things are possible, and there is no fuss about the little things that are useful and bring joy.”

“It always sounds too good to be true when you hear our stories. Sometimes it’s really tough, and the pressure is on, but it’s nice how everyone still gets along. There’s never any quarrel, and there are never any angry looks at each other. I really enjoy working here, even when there are days until 7 o’clock in the evening” says Donny. Ronald joins in that “it’s very dynamic, and you have to love that, but that’s also what makes it so great to work here.”