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Mahmut works at Vuicon as a structural engineer. He started as a temporary worker but has more than proved himself in the meantime. So he is now a fulltime engineer.

“It was quite hard to find a position [in Turkey] where I could show myself, improve my skills. So I was really looking for a position like this. That’s why I decided to move to be able to focus on my career. I was lucky to start at Vuicon, it fit really well with my ambition. I love calculation, thinking and being creative. You’re required to be creative here, you have to calculate exactly and you have to provide your solution. Sometimes you have to try different things, which is also nice, because you don’t repeat yourself all the time and that expands your imagination. Vuicon is a growing company and I’m growing in my career, so that fits well.

I have a lot of favorite projects, they are all quite different from each other, but the challenging ones are really motivating. It can be a bit stressful to find the right solution, but if you always do simple things, at some point you will lose your motivation. With the challenging ones, you’re really focused on your work. My motivation is also about safety. Whatever you do, you have to do it properly, because people on decks can get harmed if it’s not exactly right. Sometimes I make mistakes as well, but it’s always tolerated. It’s always like: Okay you did this, but next time it could be better like this.

I like my team members because we have really good communication. Even through the stressful moments, we can laugh and still have fun, we never treat each other with disrespect. I also see respect from the others, when I want to discuss something everybody listens and pays attention. I don’t know Dutch, and when I go to the canteen everybody immediately starts speaking English, because they want me to join as well. Diversity is something great in Vuicon. There are different cultures, you learn so many things from each other and you start to understand each other better. We do a lot of company activities, weekend away, sailing, christmas dinner, or we just watch F1 with each other. And the office dog, Kiki is a spoiled dog, everybody pets her or take her for walks, she wants to have everything. Kiki is the office queen.

If you’re ready for challenging projects, you’re always welcome here”